Lawn Irrigation

lawn sprinkler Irrigation is the artificial water supply to a garden. Due to the changing climate one has to think of other ways of supplying water to their garden rather than waiting for the rain season.


A lawn is a area planted with grass or specific plants which are kept at a specific height. A lawn in most cases is for beauty purposes.

The most commonly made use of approach of irrigating the lawn is the overhead lawn sprinkler. This makes sure that the entire area gets water uniformly and there is no water waste. For this type of yard irrigation you require pipelines, appropriate supply of water, sprinkler heads and irrigation valves. You need an adequate supply of water to meet the pressure required for the sprinkler heads to function with ease. For lawn irrigation, drip irrigation is not appropriate. This is because a lawn needs a lot of water supply. According to the lawn size you can use as numerous sprinkler heads as you desire. You just attach them to the pipeline system.

lawn irrigation systems bonita springs For those who travel a lot, you don’t need to worry about your lawn getting wasted away. You can make the most of the automatic yard irrigation systems that come with rainfall sensors. It is readied to go off at certain times of the day or night. If it rains the whole system shuts down. In this means, water is saved. The major components of an automatic yard irrigation system are the controller or a timer, irrigation valves, underground piping systems and sprinkler heads.

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