A Guide to Buying a Dollhouse for Your Home

Many people think that only toddlers find dollhouse interesting. With a bit of more creativity, you can actually turn that playful toy into a gorgeous and imaginative decoration. But whatever your reasons are, you need to know how to pick the best dollhouse for your home. Otherwise, it may be toxic and degrade sooner than you’ve expected.

Decide Which Types of Dollhouse You Want

toddler dollhouse There are many types of dollhouse you can choose from. For instance, based on ethnical architecture themes, there are Sri-Lankan, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Colonial designs. They include intricate details like wicker furniture, traditional utensils, and ornaments so that they can appear as authentic as the real thing. And this type of dollhouse suits you best if you intend to put them on display at your home.

However, some toddler dollhouses look just as good as the example above.

Pick the Right Materials

Many dollhouses are made of plastic. And once you don’t need them, you will feel guilty about throwing them away because they are not biodegradable. Although manufacturers claim that their products are recyclable, we know now that such is a big lie. According to National Geographic, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled! Luckily, some dollhouse makers are aware of the issue. Melissa & Doug, for example, has a dollhouse entirely made of furnished wood.

Moreover, if you want to give the dollhouse to a kid, make sure that the plastic is not toxic. You need to check if it is PVC-free, BPA-free, and lead-free. Those chemicals can be harmful to your kids.

Check If the Dollhouse Fits in Your House

a decorative dollhouse By “Fit”, we mean that the dollhouse you buy is not supposed to make your house look crowded. If you want to collect them for display, consider using vertical shelves. But remember that the dust does not clean itself. Therefore, buy a ladder too.

If the dollhouse is for your kids to play, then make sure that there is a special room for it. Placing the dollhouse in your kid’s bedroom is not a good idea because it will take too much space there, and kids like to move around carelessly. The chances are that the dollhouse will break soon. It will be much better if you use the ceiling as a storage place, and you put the dollhouse there when not played.