A few tips on reducing your Carbon Foot print

Electrical 07 In today’s world, we need electricity for almost everything. We cannot live or function without it. In fact, electricity consumptions at home are one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint.

Any homeowner or business can help reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the electricity consumption at their location. If you live around Severn, it may also be advisable to get some professional advice.

Below are a few tips to help you reduce electricity usage in your home.

One very basic and important thing is to switch off any unnecessary appliances. We often do not realise that even if an appliance is switched off and not unplugged it still consumes some power. Unplugging these devices and appliances is the first step to reducing your electricity usage.

Start using solar power. Solar power is a great way to cut down your electricity usage. Installing some solar panels can help heat up your water without the need for electricity. Solar lights can be installed in your garden that will provide outdoor lighting that will consume no power other than the sun.Electrical

Use gas for cooking, Gas is more effective in heating up as it reaches its maximum temperature very fast whereas electrical cookers take long to heat up and use quite a lot of power. Consider using gas for cooking and also heating water. With gas, you can still cook a meal if there is a power outage.

Try to reduce your use of air conditioning, An air condition compressor uses a large amount of electricity especially during very hot days. Try to improvise, use a fan where possible, leave your windows open for cool natural breeze if possible.

LED lighting uses much less electricity than regular light bulbs. It is one of the best solutions to reduce your electricity usage. LED lights don’t heat up as much as normal lights and are much brighter too. In the long run LED lighting is cost effecting to you too. You don’t need to replace all your lights at the same time. You can simply replace a broken light bulb with a LED light and continue like that until all of your lights are LED.

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